Client Consultant.

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Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities

-Contact businesses and private individuals by telephone to promote products, services and/or charitable causes

-Solicit orders for goods and services over the telephone

-Explain the product or service to potential customers

-Deliver scripted sales pitch to the customer

-Adjust scripted sales pitch to meet needs of specific individuals

-Provide pricing details

-Handle customer questions

-Obtain customer information including names and addresses

-Record customer details including reaction to the product or service offered

-Receive orders over the telephone

-Input order details into the computer system

-Confirm orders placed with field sales representatives

-Obtain contact details of potential customers from sources including telephone directories and purchased lists

-Conduct customer and marketing surveys

-Contact customers to follow up on initial interaction

Key Competencies

-Communication skills

-Information gathering and management






-Negotiation skills

-Stress tolerance

-High energy levels


Our doors are open to any individual who are willing to have a job. We have friendly hospitable staff. Send us your CV and see what happens.

e-mail: [email protected]

Client Consultant

Australian Utilities Group LLC

  • Товч танилцуулга: Australian Utilities Group LLC (AUG). AUG is 100% Australian invested company.Our headquarter is located in Melbourne, Australia. We just opened our CALL CENTER in Mongolia in 2016.
  • Салбар: Худалдаа, борлуулалт
  • Хаяг: suit-803 8th floor, Peace tower, 3rd khoroo, Chingeltei district
  • Утас: 99793884 99204634
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